4 Reasons to Focus on Getting More Graduates in Your Team

Some recruitment companies avoid taking on new graduates, believing that training them will take up too much time and resources. However, due to the great feedback we get from the graduates we place, we thought we would share some of the advantages of hiring graduates.

Eager, Fast Learners with New Ideas

Having studied for at least 3 years during their degrees, graduates are used to taking on a lot of information which means they are able to learn new skills and processes far quicker. They are also eager to prove themselves and ideally positioned to bring in new ideas and innovations that seasoned recruiters may have overlooked. 

Easily Mouldable

When you take on a graduate for their first recruitment role they are a blank slate ready to absorb new information. They will have no bad habits from previous roles, they won’t be set in their ways, and they can quickly be turned into an embodiment of the qualities that are so important for your agency’s specific approach and clients. 

Social Media Prowess  

Graduates are far more likely to have an active interest in social media and will almost always have experience using the various platforms. Skills like these are extremely transferrable for recruitment and you will be able to harness these aptitudes to promote new roles, drive interest in your brand, and find new clients and candidates through platforms like LinkedIn.

Knowledge of Computers

Using MS Office, email and the internet is such a vital part of education that you can expect every graduate you hire to be able to hit the ground running in any office job. This knowledge of computers stretches further than you would expect. You will find that graduates can easily learn how to use CRM systems and job boards that they most likely haven’t used before. In fact, training graduates to use a CRM system is often far easier than teaching an experienced recruiter a new CRM system.

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