2022 in FinTech: 6 Insights from FinTech Magazine’s Roundtable


FinTech has had a hell of a year in 2021. As the sector goes from strength to strength, the team at FinTech Magazine caught up with some  industry titans to get their insights on what can be expected in 2022.

Jimmy Foo – CCO at SEON

Jimmy’s key prediction centres around the idea of businesses moving away from ‘locked in’ technology. Instead, he sees industries moving towards more portable software solutions in 2022. A big component of this, of course, will be AI.

“A residual ‘locked’ in approach to tech solutions represents an old-school mentality, which many sectors and tech providers have already moved on from.”

Prof. Markos Zachariadis – FinTech Professor at MBS, Member of World Economic Forum

As for Markos, his primary concern is that the growth of FinTech, while inevitable, will see obstacles from the pandemic, from regulation and, chiefly, from fraud. Businesses, he says, will have to work hard to keep up.

“More FinTech adoption and technological openness in the sector doesn’t necessarily imply more online fraud, but without the right precautions, it invariably will.”

Erica Stanford – Author of Crypto Wars, Founder of Crypto Curry Club

As the world of crypto continues to grow at breakneck speeds, Erica echoes Markos’ sentiments in regard to regulation and fraud. Regulators have always struggled to keep up with crypto, but it seems that agencies are now finding it easier to track and trace stolen currency thanks to blockchain technology.

“It’s essential for individuals to take the proper precautions to protect themselves and to triple check anything before ever sending money to a crypto address.”

Tamas Kadar – Co-Founder & CEO at SEON

While Tamas largely agrees with the other participants about the dangers of fraud, he believes crypto’s largest obstacle is its own market volatility. This, he insists, may be what puts off more people from investing.

“If you’re like me, then you believe crypto can play an important role in future economies and isn’t just a get rich quick scheme designed to be day-traded.”

Bence Jendruszak – Co-Founder & COO at SEON

After agreeing with the rest of the panel about fraud, stressing the importance of educating individuals, Bence turned his attention to something more hopeful. 2022, he believes, will see a larger and more meaningful shift towards ESG investments.

“While there have been many false dawns before, I think the consensus is that the sentiment generated from COP26 will begin to influence decision-making at a corporate level.”

Marcel van Oost – FinTech Researcher, VC

Branching off from the rest of the panel, Marcel’s primary prediction for the year ahead is the growth of business banking. He also sees crypto’s mainstream popularity continuing to grow, but ultimately showed similar concerns about fraud prevention.

“[Fraud prevention] feels like an area of tech waiting for the arrival of a big new player, and I’m excited to see who that could be.”


It seems the word of the day is ‘fraud’, having been an issue brought up by each member of the panel. Tricksters and scammers are on the rise, especially online, and there’s a huge gap in the market for fraud prevention solutions that are adaptable, scalable and, most importantly, affordable.

Of course, the need for these solutions is simply a by-product of FinTech’s continued growth. It’s a growth that no doubt will keep rocketing forward over the next year. Bring on 2022!!

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