5 Common Recruitment Myths

We often meet people who are put off by some of the things they’ve heard about recruitment. While every company is different, we have found that the points below are myths that we feel should be busted.

It’s NOT Always Long Hours in the Office

Recruiters are often expected to call and meet with candidates before and after most people’s work days start and end. However, once you have earned your stripes most recruiters can work flexibly and remotely. This means you can work from home and leave early if you started early or vice versa.

It’s NOT Endless Phone Calls 

Most good recruiters like to meet their candidates face-to-face, and treating clients to drinks or lunch is the norm. LinkedIn and email are also important tools for recruiters. So, although phone calls are required, you will have the chance to use new tools and get out and about.

You WON’T Earn £100,000 in Your First Year 

This is a big one, and it’s potentially a bit of a let-down for those who are new to recruitment. Whilst you will still make a good wage in your first year (often between £25,000-40,000), it’s unreasonable to expect a graduate in any role to make £100,000.

It IS Rewarding – and Not All About the Money  
As discussed, recruitment is a high paying role. But, unlike other sales-based roles, recruiters have to understand and satisfy clients and candidates’ needs and wants. When you find your first candidate a job they will love, you will see how rewarding recruitment can be.    

It WILL Change and Progress

A common misconception is that a recruiter’s role won’t progress and offers little career development. This is not true. In the recruitment agencies we work with, and in our own team, there are plenty of opportunities to learn, try new approaches, take on extra responsibilities and quickly progress to management level and beyond.

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