5 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

If you are looking for your first job after graduating you might expect to apply to most jobs directly rather than go through a recruiter. However, this can be a less productive use of your time than speaking to a few recruitment agencies and talking things through with a professional. Below are 5 reasons why this is true: 

40% of Jobs Aren’t Advertised 
At Key Focus we predict that nearly half of the jobs we are sent from clients are never advertised publicly. This means that unless you go through a recruiter, you are unlikely to find as many relevant jobs. Plus, when you have a whole team of recruiters behind your search you are always going to be able to complete more applications than you could alone. 

Benefit from Extra Knowledge, Advice and Experience 
Good recruiters will know more about the companies and teams they are hiring for than you can learn from a company’s website or LinkedIn. This means they will know if you will be the right fit for a team and what exactly the employer is looking for. A recruiter’s advice will cover CVs and applications, interview practice and what you should focus on for the specific interviews you have. Developing this network of recruitment professionals means they will be there to support your search for a new role too. 

Speeding It Up
Recruiters can often fast-track applications, which may mean you won’t need to write a cover letter or complete an application form in the usual way and you are more likely to get to the first stage of the interview process. Sending your CV and a quick note to say your what you are interested in is often enough to apply to several roles. 

Increased Bargaining Power
Recruiters will know more about what you are worth to a company and the salaries of other candidates they have placed in similar roles. This means that they can help you negotiate a better wage and even help you get an internal promotion or salary increase.

Degree of Separation 
If an interview goes wrong, or you have another issue with a new employer, it can often be easier to go through a mediator. A recruiter is ideally placed to work with your employer to help you through these issues.

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