5 Things to Look Out For in Graduate CVs

When we are faced with a large pile of graduate CVs it can be tricky to work out which are worth a call. Below are some tips on what we find useful to look for which should help you speed up this process.

Sales Jobs

Any job that offers sales experience – retail included – can be a useful indication that someone is suited to recruitment; this is especially true for commission-only jobs.  

Bad Jobs that Show Perseverance 

Farmers, fast-food workers and anyone who has persevered for a few months in a difficult job that requires patience and hard work are often worth taking to the next stage. However, if they have held these jobs for over 6 months after graduating then this can be a bad sign – unless they had a good reason, they should have found a better job by then.

Language Skills

Whilst you need to make sure they are also fluent in English if you are sourcing candidates for recruitment roles, bilingual or multilingual candidates are usually great communicators and are worth meeting.


If you have a graduate who was actively interested in a sport this is a good indication that they are well-motivated, committed and good at working with others. 

Positions of Responsibility

A graduate who has had any experience of taking responsibility for a team, either at work or in an extracurricular capacity, is often worth a call. 

Overall, the most important thing to look out for on a graduate CV is anything that reflects drive, commitment and passion. Graduates who exhibit these qualities are always going to be more successful, harder-working and easier to place.

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