6 Ways to Reduce Your Recruitment Spend in 2021

As times gradually return back to “precedented” levels, businesses are turning their attention to rebuilding their teams. Care must be taken in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure in recruitment.


1: Preparation

Before interviewing or even speaking to  your candidates, you must have a crystal clear distinction of what you require them to have, and what would simply be a beneficial addition. Think about:

• Skills

• Results in previous roles


• Cognitive Behaviours

• Training

• Habits

• Experience


2: Team Fit

Determine whether you’re looking to complement or replicate the skills in your current team. Then, work to understand what makes your team tick so that you know what you need to look for in your new hire. In this endeavour, psychometrics will be your best friend. You can get 10 free views of your team’s DISC profiles using Crystal Knows.


3: Advertising

In any other situation, advertising is a job for the marketing department. This is no different. That’s not to say that HR or Sales shouldn’t have input, of course, but in order for your job adverts to grab the attention of your ideal candidates, they should be written by those best suited to the task of writing engaging language.



It’s 2021, and it takes more than money to make a job sound appealing. Make sure you understand your Employer Value Proposition – what you can offer your employees beyond their basic salary. Then, shout about it in your adverts. It could be remote working, more-than-average holiday, world-class training qualifications – let them know why you’re their best option.


5: ATS

Organise and track all of your candidates using an Applicant Tracking System. Doing this will help you to compare and contrast with far more ease than if you were to keep them all in an email subfolder or Excel sheet. There are options to fit every business and budget, so feel free to ask us if you’d like any recommendations.


6: Talent Attraction Material

Sort out all of your talent attraction material before you get started. At the least, this should include sections on: ‘Why You Should Work for Us’, ‘What Your Career Path Will Look Like’ & ‘The Vision and the Mission of the Business’. It ought to look like a pitch deck, with the intended audience being candidates rather than clients.



Utilising all of these points of advice will help you to streamline your recruitment strategy. Think of it like cleaning and fine-tuning a car’s engine: it might take some time and initial investment, but ultimately it will make the car run more efficiently. This will save on fuel and maintenance costs that would otherwise snowball under your nose.

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