Anatomy of a Top Salesperson



A salesperson will not get very far if they’re too nervous to cold call new prospects. Similarly, unless they have full faith in the value they offer to their customers and clients, their doubt will be spread to whomever they’re trying to sell to. For this reason, top salespeople communicate a calm confidence that assuages and persuades those they speak to.


Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, the best salespeople aren’t walking egos. While this is a common trait among lower-level salespeople, it is often the very reason they don’t rise to the top; their big-headedness will end up preventing them from recognising and working on their development areas.


If there’s anything running in the veins of any salesperson, it’s a sense of competition. This is why one will often find that a salesperson used to play some sort of sport in school. Salespeople’s competitive edge goes hand-in-hand with their goal orientation, motivating them to get to the top.


A trait that often separates good salespeople from great salespeople is their dependance (or lack thereof) on their friendliness. While salespeople can often attain the trust of their customers and clients through an innate set of social skills, this often comes at a cost of people-pleasing, which gets in their way. Top salespeople, however, are better able to keep these things separate.


Salespeople at the top of their game like to be in full control of the sales cycle. This means ensuring every member of the team is playing their part effectively, as well as driving each conversation with their clients and customers.


The more information you know about someone, the easier it will be to sell to them, as you will know more about their needs and wants. Top salespeople have an itch to scratch when it comes to information, and this leads them to details that others would never bother to learn.

Goal Orientation

Sales is a profession that offers many chances for high achievement: winning new and higher-profile clients, striking bigger and better deals, earning larger and more consistent commissions… the list goes on. For this reason, the world of sales tends to appeal to those who always want to be at the top. 

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