Better Benefits to Look Out for in Job Ads


When you’re reading a job description, sometimes all they’ll write in the benefits section is “A competitive salary” and “The opportunity to work in a growing team”. Obviously, this is a red flag. Here are some benefits that show they really care!


First off, we’ll mention our partners, borofree! They offer a platform that lets you get a completely interest free advance on your salary of up to £300! This can be used via their platform to pay for bills, buy groceries or support your health.

It’s great for when you have an unexpectedly expensive month. Or, maybe money’s a little too tight and that little cushion can offer some wiggle room.

Either way, an employer offering access to borofree is a great sign. It clearly demonstrates that they continue to care about their employees after they leave the office.

Mental Health Support

In the 2020s, mental health has been brought much further into the public eye. It’s far less taboo these days to discuss anxiety, depression and therapy. Employers, therefore, show how forward-thinking and caring they are when offering these services.

We all go through tough times. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s because of work-related stress. So, it’s all the more comforting when a business includes mental health services as part of their benefits package.

Unlimited Holiday

Obviously, when a business offers you this, they don’t then expect you to take six months out, fully paid, to travel the world. Unlimited, then, doesn’t necessarily mean infinite.

The key word here is actually trust. When your employer offers unlimited holiday, they’re trusting you to be reasonable. It means they won’t be watching with a stern eye to see precisely how many days you’ve spent on the sofa this year.

If they’re trusting you in this matter, it’s a good indicator of the trust and good faith they’ll show in other areas. A green flag, for sure.

Stock Options

In a lot of ways, owning stock in the business is a better compensation system than individual, performance-based bonuses. For one thing, it encourages teamwork. When all of you benefit from the success of the business, it motivates you to work together to make that happen. You share victories and defeats together. Second, it’s sometimes more fair. Any bonuses are based on quantifiable company success rather than sometimes vague or irrelevant personal KPIs.

4 Day Work Week

Ah, the holy grail of the benefits library. We’ve spoken before about the 4 day work week and how it’s been shown across the board to boost employee morale without the expected drop in productivity.

Businesses that offer a 4 day work week show not only that they care about their team’s work/life balance, but that they’re willing to take risks to improve it. They show modern thinking, adaptability and a team-oriented spirit.

(Bonus points if they don’t increase hours in the other four days to make it happen!)


While subsidised gym memberships, cycle to work schemes and free tea and coffee are nice, they’re pretty standard. Businesses that only offer these things are often doing so because they feel like they have to.

It’s when businesses go above and beyond to offer benfits like those listed in this article that you can tell they really care about making their employees happy and comfortable.

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