Gen Z: FinTech Needs You!

FinTech is absolutely skyrocketing as an industry. It produced 151 unicorns (startups valued above $1b) in 2021, making up a third of all unicorns that year. But, they have a big problem… Gen Z Just Isn’t Fussed Older generations continue to express interest in financial services such as banking, credit cards and investments. They’re under […]

4 Signs it’s Time to Change Finance Jobs

Deciding to leave a job ain’t easy. In finance especially, there’s a hesitancy – it might be anxiety about finding a new position, or a feeling that your work isn’t finished. Here are four signs it’s time to make the leap. 1. You’re Overworked This is especially common in startups and small businesses. In companies […]

Introducing the FinTech Accelerator Club

Visit the FinTech Accelerator Club Here at Key Focus, we’ve created a community group geared towards any and all professionals in FinTech. Let us take you through what the FinTech Accelerator Club is all about. Info & Advice The heart of FAC is the support we and the rest of the community offer to growing […]

2022 in FinTech: 6 Insights from FinTech Magazine’s Roundtable

FinTech has had a hell of a year in 2021. As the sector goes from strength to strength, the team at FinTech Magazine caught up with some  industry titans to get their insights on what can be expected in 2022. Jimmy Foo – CCO at SEON Jimmy’s key prediction centres around the idea of businesses […]

8 Key Moments in the History of FinTech

FinTech is one of the most explosive industries on the planet, responsible for a third of 2021’s unicorns. So, let’s take a look at some of the moments that shaped the landscape. 1: Telefinance – 1918 Fresh out of the First World War, during which the electric telegraph was a vital instrument of communication the […]

The Greatest Fool: One Way Bubbles Bloom

There are many factors that contribute to an economic bubble. One of the most prevalent, obnoxious ways they’re accelerated is thanks to the Greater Fool Theory. What is a Bubble? First, we should probably define what we mean by a ‘bubble’. Bubbles occur when the market value of something ends up getting inflated far beyond […]

Recruiting Into FinTech: Why Hiring is a Hot Topic

The summer survey conducted by FinTech Founders produced a wealth of intriguing insights. We, of course, were most interested by those related to recruitment. Recruiting Isn’t Easy Perhaps the statistic that may come as the biggest surprise is that when surveyed, 34% of UK FinTech founders cited recruitment as the biggest challenge they’re currently facing. […]

Crypto Coins and Tokens… What’s the Difference?

When people talk about cryptocurrency, the terms “coin” and “token” seem almost interchangeable. In reality, there’s a big – and very important – difference. Coins A crypto coin is a currency that is native to a certain blockchain. Bitcoin is a difficult example to use because the blockchain and the coin have the same name, […]

GameStop and the Unchaining of the Trading World

Historically, stocks and shares trading has been an industry reserved for the wealthy. With the rise of FinTech and discount brokers, that is no longer the case. This disruption may be for the better, but the road is going to be bumpy.   GameStop Here in the UK, we were all sad when Woolworths disappeared. […]

Why FinTech is Booming

In the UK, the first half of 2021 saw £4.1 billion invested into the FinTech sector, 34% more than all of 2020. The question is: why?   First Off, What Is FinTech? Before we start talking about what’s making FinTech so successful, we have to define the term. FinTech, or Financial Technology, refers to technology […]