Gen Z: FinTech Needs You!

FinTech is absolutely skyrocketing as an industry. It produced 151 unicorns (startups valued above $1b) in 2021, making up a third of all unicorns that year. But, they have a big problem… Gen Z Just Isn’t Fussed Older generations continue to express interest in financial services such as banking, credit cards and investments. They’re under […]

The Importance of a Great Manager in Sales

A recent poll on LinkedIn revealed that over half of its respondents considered the people they worked with – and especially their boss – the key factor behind a “dream” job. This remains true in Sales, so here are some of the best ways Sales Managers can serve their team’s dreams. Prioritise the Person It’s […]

Will Automation Replace All Sales Roles?

The power and sophistication of modern technology forges forward at an ever-increasing rate. Many jobs have been made obsolete by machines and AI. Will sales be the same? Automation’s Already Here According to the McKinsey Global Institute, around half of a salesperson’s job has the potential to be automated. This is thanks to AI technologies […]

The Greatest Fool: One Way Bubbles Bloom

There are many factors that contribute to an economic bubble. One of the most prevalent, obnoxious ways they’re accelerated is thanks to the Greater Fool Theory. What is a Bubble? First, we should probably define what we mean by a ‘bubble’. Bubbles occur when the market value of something ends up getting inflated far beyond […]

Anatomy of a Top Salesperson

Confidence A salesperson will not get very far if they’re too nervous to cold call new prospects. Similarly, unless they have full faith in the value they offer to their customers and clients, their doubt will be spread to whomever they’re trying to sell to. For this reason, top salespeople communicate a calm confidence that […]

What Skills Make a Top Salesperson (Besides Sales)?

Obviously, the most important weapon in a salesperson’s arsenal is their ability to sell. However, in this modern world of ours there is so much more work to put in before even getting the chance to draw that weapon. Here are a few of the things you’ll need to get you to High Noon. Digital […]