5 Hidden Red Flags in Job Ads

Everyone knows you should be wary when you see “Competitive Salary” in a job ad. (Are they competing to pay you the lowest salary they can?) Aside from this, however, there are other concealed meanings that might slip by you if you don’t have a trained eye like ours. 1. Flexible Hours The key theme […]

4 Signs it’s Time to Change Finance Jobs

Deciding to leave a job ain’t easy. In finance especially, there’s a hesitancy – it might be anxiety about finding a new position, or a feeling that your work isn’t finished. Here are four signs it’s time to make the leap. 1. You’re Overworked This is especially common in startups and small businesses. In companies […]

How to Stay Social When Working from Home

There are a plethora of benefits to WFH: no commute, home comforts, working in your PJs… but there are one or two drawbacks. Not least of these is the lack of socialisation with those you work with. How do you keep up that human element, outside of the office? Video Calls Without Specific Purpose Here […]

The Importance of a Great Manager in Sales

A recent poll on LinkedIn revealed that over half of its respondents considered the people they worked with – and especially their boss – the key factor behind a “dream” job. This remains true in Sales, so here are some of the best ways Sales Managers can serve their team’s dreams. Prioritise the Person It’s […]

Return vs Remain: The Future of Where We Work

Chris Herd, founder of remote work infrastructure business Firstbase, conducted a survey with over 2500 businesses to discover their plans for how to evolve the places in which their employees work.   Honey I Shrunk the Office An increasing number of workers are doing their job either partly or completely from home. Here at Key […]

4-Day Work Weeks – The Way Forward?

Here at Key Focus Consulting, we’ve been trialling a 4-day work week with some of our staff. Here’s the consensus of how they (and we) have found the change so far. How did it start? First, we’ll address why we and many other businesses are beginning to try out the waters of non-traditional work weeks. […]

Getting the Most from Your Graduate Hire

When you take on a recent graduate, you must understand that they require a different level of management and support than more experienced members of the team. However, despite this, hiring graduates can often be a better option than someone with experience in a different field. So, if you are struggling with your graduate hires, […]

Making Home Work

On the surface, the idea of working from home seems initially ideal; no commute, no supervision, the comfort of your own sofa. Pretty soon, though, what at first seemed like pros sneakily reveal themselves to be cons in disguise. Here’s how to make working from home work for you (because for some businesses, you may […]

The Death of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

In the past, most companies have been focused on setting and hitting targets and this is doubly true in sales-based roles like recruitment. Many recruitment managers set KPIs for the number of calls, call times, interviews booked with clients, candidate registrations, candidates placed and clients acquired. But do these constant KPIs really get the most […]

4 Reasons to Get More Graduates in Your Team

Some companies avoid taking on new graduates, believing that training them will take up too much time and resources. However, due to the great feedback we get from the graduates we place, we thought we would share some of the advantages of hiring graduates. Eager, Fast Learners with New Ideas Having studied for at least […]