Recruitment Lacklustre? You Must Lack

Managing many recruiter relationships eats up your time and your money. What do you do when your hiring needs are too broad to be served effectively by just one? You need a way to keep your reach as wide as possible without having to traipse across the galaxy yourself.

That’s where Cluster comes in. Watch our demo to find out more!

Your Internal Recruiter, Outsourced

With Cluster, you can take advantage of the recruitment relationships we’ve already built. Our recruitment network is unrivalled, and spans all industries – it’s no wonder when we’ve spent the last decade building it. Tell us who you need, and even if we’re not the best person to find them, we’ll certainly know who is.

Recruiters: Join Us!

Joining our expansive recruitment network will open you up to brilliant new opportunities. Far from being a hassle, it could lead to some of the easiest commissions you’ve ever earned! Go ahead and watch our demonstration to see just how simple it can be.

Expand Like a Supernova

Contact us if you’re interested in using Cluster to save yourself time, money and stress when it comes to your hiring requirements.