Gen Z: FinTech Needs You!

FinTech is absolutely skyrocketing as an industry. It produced 151 unicorns (startups valued above $1b) in 2021, making up a third of all unicorns that year. But, they have a big problem…

Gen Z Just Isn’t Fussed

Older generations continue to express interest in financial services such as banking, credit cards and investments. They’re under more financial pressure with families and mortgages to support. They also are more aware of their approaching pension years.

Millennials, too, are developing more of an interest in finance. This is led primarily by FinTechs like Monzo, Nutmeg and Robinhood, that take a modern, app-led approach to traditional financial services.

Zoomers, however, are tricky. They don’t have as much financial pressure on their shoulders, nor are they as concerned about their financial future as other generations.

As such, FinTech businesses find it difficult to garner interest from this younger generation.

How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

This problem is doubled when coupled with how difficult it is to advertise to Gen Z in the first place. Most of them avoid adverts wherever they can, and are skeptical of the ones they do see.

Some brands have found success through participating in memes and internet culture (like Wendy’s Twitter account or the Duolingo owl on TikTok). Others who try the same, however, are met with disdain, like watching a parent try to rap along to a hip-hop track. 

The Solution

The only way FinTechs can hope to combat these issues is by fighting fire with fire. Hiring a zoomer into their sales and marketing departments will allow FinTech businesses to gain valuable insights into the motivations, desires and reservations of Generation Z.

On top of this, someone who is themselves a member of Gen Z is much better positioned to communicate with their peers. While zoomers distrust advertising and salespeople in general, they feel a camaraderie with those they feel are in their position.

What’s In It for You?

So if you are a member of Gen Z, you may well be asking why you should join these FinTech businesses.

FinTech startups are perfect for people just starting out in their career. For one thing, there’s a tonne of freedom and autonomy in these roles due to their smaller size – you have greater impact because there are fewer people in the business.

Startups often lead the charge in modern working practices, too, since they aren’t held down by mountains of company policy like larger corporations. Think 4-day work weeks and hybrid working options. 


What this amounts to is the potential for a symbiotic relationship between FinTech and Gen Z. On the one hand, FinTechs get a level of insight and innovation that older generations can’t give them. On the other, zoomers get a excellent role in a booming industry.

It’s a win-win, so don’t lose out.


There are some FinTechs that are really hitting the nail on the head when it comes to Gen Z. According to this article from Sifted, the ones you should really keep an eye on are…

Kard — Offering rewards to their cardholders for everyday purchases at their favourite brands.

Osper — Providing pre-paid debit cards to help parents give their kids pocket money on the go while helping those kids track their spending.

Mitto — Helping their customers to see the environmental impacts of their spending.

Quirk — Assisting their users in budgeting by providing them with their ‘money personality’.

Zelf — Instantly transferring users’ money to their friends with a virtual card (Apple Pay/Google Pay) that works entirely within messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Discord and WhatsApp.

Zilch — Splitting customers’ payments at their favourite retailers into 4 instalments with no interest.

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