You found Heggy!

Henry "Heggy" Hedgwick

During the construction of this site, Heggy was often used as a placeholder for testimonials, case studies and About Us sections. Some things learned about Heggy in these sections included that he:

  • Is the CEO of Key Focus Consulting, The Garden and Logo Inc.
  • Has worked with Huggies, H&M, Hilton and Hewlett Packard.
  • Has had three failed marriages
  • Is currently serving time in prison following the discovery of unfair work practices in his company at the hands of Key Focus Consulting.

As we wrote content for the site and filled the places Heggy had been holding, Heggy’s place within the site diminished. This made Huw, our marketing executive, a little sad, so he (okay, I) decided to build a little easter egg that led to a page dedicated to the lovely little hedgehog.

Congratulations on finding the page! If you’d like to let Huw (me) know that you’ve found Heggy, email me at:

So far, no one has found Heggy (or if they have, they’ve kept it to themselves), so you would be the first!