Highest Paid Graduate Jobs


For many ambitious graduates, high pay is an important aspect of their first role. So, we decided to talk through the pros and cons of a few highly paid options you might want to consider. 


Recruitment roles will often have decent basic pay and also come with commission and bonuses. This means that graduates who get into recruitment frequently make an extra £5,000-10,000 annually. On average we would predict a graduate recruiter in London to make around £33,000 in their first year. 


Sales roles will also include commission. Roles and payment structures can vary massively depending on what you are selling and the size of the company; but, we predict that £28,000-£30,000 to be the norm for graduate sales roles in London. 

Banking, Insurance, and Finance

There are a variety of jobs available in these industries but can be very well paid for graduates with related degrees. The highest paid graduates could make over £40,000 but this can fall to as low as £25,000. It depends on the role and whether or not you get paid commission as well as the company and the job seeker’s skills, experience and qualifications. 

Graduate schemes

For those who can get through the usually rigorous application processes, graduate schemes can seem ideal. Good grad schemes have high starting salaries of over £30,000 and offer a structured training process that will allow you to try different roles and develop various skills. However, it can often be slow to progress in these schemes, and once you have started you are likely to be locked in for 1-3 years. 

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