How To Dress For an Interview

Interviews can be daunting, but knowing you have done everything you can to prepare will make all the difference. Dressing well is an easy way to make a good first impression and help you feel confident.


When planning your outfit it’s important to consider where you are interviewing. It’s no longer the norm to wear a suit for every interview. Researching the company’s culture on LinkedIn will help you decide how to dress. If they are based in a modern workshare, like us for example, a suit may not be necessary and we advise you aim for smart casual.


General tips

  • Dress professionally, but also comfortably. Don’t wear something that will distract you from presenting yourself best.
  • Make sure your clothes fit. We advise a cheap, tailored suit over a more expensive ill-fitting one.
  • Too many designer brands can be off-putting – flaunting your wealth will not necessarily impress your interviewer.
  • Tattoos are not as much of an issue as they once were. However, it’s still a good idea to keep them covered for an interview if possible.
  • You can wear jewelry, but don’t be too outrageous. A simple necklace or chain and earrings are fine.


Tips for men 

  • Either wear a suit and polished shoes, or chinos and a shirt with smart leather shoes (not trainers).  
  • Wear a tie. Even if other people at the company don’t wear them, a tie can help you stand out. Bonus points if you wear one that matches the company’s brand colours.
  • Keep your hair neat and face clean-shaven. If you have a beard make sure it’s kept tidy.


Tips for women

  • Dress smart. This can be trousers, a skirt or a dress; but try not to dress for a night-out or wear anything too revealing.  
  • Feel free to wear heels, but nothing too drastic, you don’t need the stress of breaking a heel or falling on your way there. 
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