How to Identify a Good Graduate Scheme

For many graduates, getting the right level of support in their first role is an important way to fast-track learning and progress professionally. But every company and industry operates differently, so to help you understand what you are being offered we have put together this list of things to consider when you get offers from companies with graduate schemes.

Mentorship Programmes
Having a mentor for your first few months of work is a great way to pick up vital skills, get to know the team and get your career off to a flying start. 

Most good companies will offer their new hires training. This will at least cover any new programmes and systems you will be using in your role. However, some will offer external training in a number of areas from honing your sales and presenting techniques to more technical, industry-specific knowledge. 

Progression Structure
An easy way to spot a company with a good level of graduate support is to ask about the progression structure and find out what you can expect in your first year at the company. What will your training cover and how is it broken down? What types of things will you be doing and how will they change? What new responsibilities will you take on?  

Number of grads
Asking how many graduates they take on and how many stay with the company for the duration of the graduate scheme will help you gauge how effective they are at training and supporting new graduates. Just remember to consider the size of the company, even smaller companies who can’t take on as many new graduates can offer fantastic support. 

Best Examples
Our final piece of advice is to ask about the best examples of new graduates they have taken on. Finding out what they consider successful in terms of additional responsibilities and promotions in the first year will help you understand how you too can potentially develop quickly in the role.

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