Interview Etiquette: 6 Tips to Conquer Your Nerves and Make a Great First Impression

Nervous about your upcoming interview? Take note of these 6 tips that will help you conquer your nerves and make a great first impression.

Always Accept a Drink
If they offer you a drink, ask for a glass of water even if you don’t want one. Nerves and talking a lot can make your throat dry. Plus, having the option to take a sip of water will also give you more time to think of an appropriate response to any tricky questions. 

Make Eye Contact 
Avoiding eye contact is a sure sign that you are feeling uncomfortable or being untruthful. Ensure you make direct eye contact with your interviewer when talking to them. It is okay to look down at your notes to refresh your memory, but make sure to look up when you are speaking.

If you’re presenting, make sure you don’t spend all your time reading from your notes or presentation slides. Looking up and making eye contact as you finish each point will keep your audience engaged and make you seem more confident.

Build a Rapport 
Try to build a rapport with your interviewer – don’t be afraid to make polite jokes and relax a little. 

Other ways to build a rapport include: mirroring body language, the way they move their hands and their facial expressions; copying their tone of voice by making your own voice lower, higher, softer or louder; and changing the pace you are speaking to match your interviewer’s.

Use Their Name 
Studies show that using someone’s first name in conversation will make them respond more positively to you. Don’t overdo it, but make sure to note who will be interviewing you and call them by name at the beginning, at the end and whenever else feels natural and appropriate.

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