Introducing the FinTech Accelerator Club

Here at Key Focus, we’ve created a community group geared towards any and all professionals in FinTech. Let us take you through what the FinTech Accelerator Club is all about.

Info & Advice

The heart of FAC is the support we and the rest of the community offer to growing (and well-established) businesses.

It might be a comprehensive guide to which hires to make and when in a startup, or an article detailing the latest development in sales methodology. 

The ultimate aim is to give every member a sense of value, to ensure that everyone grows together.

Networking Opportunities

Every profession within FinTech is welcome at the FinTech Accelerator Club. You could be a dynamite salesperson at a payments business, an analyst at an investment bank or a VC looking for your next big venture – if you’re in FinTech, you belong in FAC.

This means that you’ll have the opportunity to connect with different professionals spanning the breadth of the industry, helping to solve problems you wouldn’t be able to within your immediate circle.

News & Developments

Who’s just reached unicorn status? Where are all the VCs putting their money? Is this new crypto coin the real deal or is it all a load of hot air? Just what the hell is GameStop doing now?

Collecting, collating and comprehending a thousand different bits of FinTech news from a hundred different sources every day can be exhausting. We’re establishing the FinTech Accelerator Club as a hub where you can find all the important stuff from funding rounds, M&As and IPOs all the way to NFT sales and the development of the Metaverse.

Questions Answered & Stories Shared

It’s not a community if its members can’t feel comfortable asking for help or chatting with each other. That’s why in the FinTech Accelerator Club we encourage our members to post if they’re having trouble with something. That way, those with experience in that area can provide some helpful advice or recommend a resource.

Similarly, if you have a cautionary tale to tell about the time you really messed things up with a client or flubbed a funding presentation, feel free to share it! It’s sure to be appreciated by those who have been or will be in that position.


The world of finance can often seem exclusive, with all the good bits locked up behind closed doors.

With the rise of FinTech, however, this has begun to change. We want to keep this momentum going by providing a place where FinTech professionals can help each other grow and keep all those doors wide open.

Building a community is tough, but it’s always worth it.  If you want to take part, you can find the FinTech Accelerator Club by clicking the button below.

Take it With You

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