Who Are borofree?

From the outset, borofree’s mission is to build technology driven solutions that are purposeful, relevant, and future ready. They create solutions that help society’s most vulnerable gain financial confidence and a sense of possibility. They will continue to evolve their technology, but their commitment will remain the same: to build a world where more people gain financial confidence.

borofree wants to eliminate unfair debt and fees from payday loans, extortionate interest rates, and borrowing from your friends and family that bring shame and embarrassment. They want to help people purchase the things they need without penalty.

What Can borofree Do For You?

Salary Advance Solution

We all have those moments: we get slapped with an unexpected bill that we simply don’t have enough cash to cover. borofree lets your employees get up to £300 as an advance on their salary to spend at all their favourite supermarkets, retailers and services.

Zero Interest, Zero Fees

At the centre of borofree’s ethics is their commitment to zero cost. That means you can offer your employees financial security with absolutely no cost to either of you. Seriously.

Zero Worries

Any advances employees attain through borofree are automatically drawn from their next paycheque. This means no faff and no awkward conversations about money owed!

Our idea for borofree began after seeing how unethical the financial world can be. We were looking at how we could make the most difference and add the most human value.

Our challenge was simple in its idea and major in its ambition: how could we run a business that charges its customers nothing? borofree was our answer. The first salary advance solution that is 0% interest, £0 fees and £0 cost to both employee and employer. We’ve also set the limit at £300 every month to ensure that you will only borrow for what you need.

So go ahead, give us a try. No more worries, no more sleepless nights. We made it possible so we can first become the change we seek.

– Minck Hermans, CEO

Interested in Learning More About How borofree Can Advance Your Business?

Take a look at their website or, if you’d prefer, we can give you a warm introduction through an email.