Who Are Thrive?

Thrive unlocks enterprise science, on demand. Trusted by SMEs with over 30 million assessments taken last year, Thrive’s technology platform provides the ability for SMBs to become data-driven in their hiring decisions. They help to move away from opinion-based, subjective hiring which has no correlation to job performance and instead be more objective, fair, ethical and accurate.

Thrive’s assessments are powered by Aon, where for 30 years their leading science has focused on supporting recruitment and talent development at over 500 enterprise businesses. Thrive now unlocks that same enterprise quality but engineered into a beautifully packaged self-service product dedicated for SMEs. Last year, their legally defensible assessments were deployed to 12m candidates, across 90 countries, in 40 different languages.

What Can Thrive Do For You?

For the last 50 years scientific and academic research shows there are 3 credible methods that will help accurately predict job performance:

1. Assessing cognitive ability

2. Assessing behaviours within the workplace

3. A structured interview process

Thrive provides all 3 in a simple and easy to use, self-service platform, giving SMBs the ability to be at the forefront of predicting job performance. Having launched in 2019 Thrive already has over 300 customers across multiple industries and countries, assessing roles including drone pilots, medical staff, electricians, hospitality staff, racing drivers and CEOs. Their mission is to unlock the most scientific hiring assessments to the SMB market, whilst at the same time providing a fair and ethical process for candidates.

Some of Thrive's Customers

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“Recruiting your team takes a lot of time and energy. Getting it wrong is extraordinarily expensive. One bad hire can cost your business £50,000, however, getting it right can mean you’re on the way to repeatable growth and success. Thrive’s technology platform helps you do this by unlocking enterprise science offering the most scientifically robust psychometric assessments in the market, on-demand.

– Emma Hatto, Co-Founder & Commercial Director at Thrive

Thanks to our partnership with Thrive, we can get you…

  • Assessments tailored to your role by a team of over 500 psychologists
  • The strongest validation of science at the lowest price in the market
  • A reduction in time to hire by up to 50%
  • All at no extra cost for our retained contracts


Interested in Learning More About How Thrive Can Envigorate Your Business?

Take a look at their website or, if you’d prefer, we can give you a warm introduction through an email.