Who Are Xquadrant?

Xquadrant believes in multiplying the impact of successful leaders, because they have the potential to create so much positive impact in the world. They are the people who will launch and create new and important things and create environments in which people can thrive.

Xquadrant has years of experience helping some of the most impressive tech CEOs and executives on the planet achieve greater strategic impact with their people. Put another way, they help top leaders operate more strategically & influentially and build cohesive, high-performing leadership teams and organisational cultures.

Using their proprietary Impact Multiplier Method, these leaders extract themselves from low-level tasks, think and act more strategically, create a more cohesive leadership team – and mobilise their entire organisation around their most important goal.

When Might You Need Xquadrant?

You’re Too Busy with Operational Concerns

You’re spending too much time on “$100/hour” activities and not on “$10,000/hour” activities. There’s so much on your mind that you’re not taking time to think and act strategically and are overlooking the key move that’ll take you to another level. The one conversation or one project that will change everything.

There’s a Bottleneck in Your Business

You think it’s the lack of ‘good people’ – but actually, it’s that your leaders have ‘traded on competency’ and haven’t learned to create teams that are truly committed to your vision and capable of adapting to constant change and uncertainty.

You Need to Revisit Your Own Sense of Clarity and Courage

The thing is, you can stay in your comfort zone and it still looks incredibly impressive to outsiders. And the stakes are high. But if you get clear about an “impossible” vision that will define your life’s work, your world will change for ever. So – what’s so important that you simply have to 100X it?

“My work with Xquadrant has allowed me to get things from the idea stage over the completion line. I’ve become more conscious of what’s holding me back and have become better at prioritising action. I’m less distracted and less stressed. Above all, I think it’s my extra confidence that’s felt by my team. We now speak the same language: we have the same priorities, the same focus on where we’re heading, and how we get there.

– Richard Bourne, ExCom/EcoVadis

As a Key Focus partner, Xquadrant has agreed to offer a complimentary 1:1 Leadership Strategy Consultation (90 mins approx.), worth £2,000. It’s covered by our partnership with them – so there’s zero cost to you.

Typical outcomes of this Consultation include…

  • Clarifying what your most important goals are as you expand your organisation
  • Identifying the key obstacles and issues that will result in growth pains and suboptimal onboarding outcomes 
  • Walking away with 1-3 practical action steps you can take to close the gap between your business’s ‘default future’ and your ‘preferred future’


Interested in Learning More About How Xquadrant Can Electrify Your Business?

Take a look at their website or, if you’d prefer, we can give you a warm introduction through an email.