Find Your Closest Star with

Proxima is your dedicated Applicant Tracking System, allowing you to discover, organise, review and feed back to all of your candidates. This way, you can keep your entire recruitment process in one place. No more risk of losing a winning candidate in the mess of a cluttered email inbox!

More Than Just a List of Names

All the information you could need about each candidate is on their profile. There you’ll find their contact details, their CV and any other relevant attachments, what stage they are in your interview process and any notes that may have been added by you, your recruiter or a member of your team.

Sort Them All Out

Aside from just the details of the candidate, Proxima allows you to rate them according to their suitability for the role. This can be done in a simple thumb-up/thumb-down system, and you can also leave detailed notes on their profile about what strengths they’ve shown and what you anticipate to be their development areas. You can discuss these with the other key decision-makers on your team, all within Proxima. This way, your entire recruitment process and all the discourse around it has its own space, ensuring it doesn’t get mixed and muddled in with the rest of your communication.

No One's Left in the Dark with

You’re not the only one that benefits from the platform. With Eclipse, candidates can access their profile to edit their details, add a photo, see how far along they are in their job search and receive feedback from their interviews. No one need ever be ghosted again!

Make the Connection

If you’re considering using Proxima to make the most of your hiring process, get in touch with us using the link below.