Red Flags to Look Out for in Your Candidates

We asked our network what their biggest ‘Red Flags’ were when interviewing candidates. These are things that, while not directly indicative of a lack of skill, show warning signs that best not be ignored.


Asking the Wrong Questions

Coming in third place was ‘Answering the Wrong Questions’. But, what exactly is the wrong question?

The questions that a candidate asks indicate where their mind is. If all they do is ask about their compensation or other perks of the job, then that shows signs that they don’t care all that much about the job itself.

Similarly, they might ask questions about the business that they could simply have Googled, or may easily be found on the company’s website. If they do, it shows they didn’t prepare all that much for the interview.



Holding a conversation with someone who seems, frankly, not to give a shit is difficult at the best of times. It’s even worse when the conversation relates to something they really should care about. That’s why ‘Indifference’ was the second highest-voted answer.

Now, when it comes to entry-level positions, you can’t always expect a recent graduate to be thrilled by the idea of becoming a Junior Data Analyst. However, if they seem not to be worried whether or not they’ll be offered the position, consider how much work they’ll do to keep it.



Almost half of our respondents told us that ‘Overconfidence/Arrogance’ was their biggest red flag. But, isn’t it just a sureness of your abilities? Surely, that must be better than being indifferent?

Well, it goes further than that. Arrogance means that however good the person may be at their job, they’re probably not as good as they think they are. This means anything they say in interview has to be taken with a considerable portion of salt.

Secondly, it’s a culture thing. Trying to fit one arrogant person into a team while keeping spirits high is a difficult task (especially when there may be one or two on the team already!).



We think that the key difference between these three traits is the ways they can be interpreted. If someone’s asking the wrong questions, it might be because they’re nervous and all their good questions have left their head. If they seem indifferent, this may be due to fatigue, or they may not be a generally expressive person.

With overconfidence and arrogance, however, this can only be an example of a bad attitude. That’s why it’s the top trait to look out for.

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