Return vs Remain: The Future of Where We Work


Chris Herd, founder of remote work infrastructure business Firstbase, conducted a survey with over 2500 businesses to discover their plans for how to evolve the places in which their employees work.


Honey I Shrunk the Office

An increasing number of workers are doing their job either partly or completely from home. Here at Key Focus, we’re entirely remote for the time being. This is due to it being great for our work/life balance, it’s cost effective and we have great strategies in place to optimise productivity.

Even businesses who still use the office don’t need everyone there, and certainly not all at the same time. Therefore, the office simply doesn’t need to be as big anymore. Herd’s research found that office space is set to shrink by a staggering 50-70%.

The money businesses will save on space rental will be huge, and it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of larger office spaces as they fall out of use.


The Zoom Will Set You Free

About 30% of businesses have decided to get rid of the office entirely, opting to go full-remote. Once this decision is made, it immediately opens up the recruitment net to a world-wide audience. While timezones and languages may always be barriers of sorts, the lack of a central office means that employees can work anywhere in the world.

If they so wished, they could even take a holiday without ever missing a day of work!


You’ll Never Take Me Alive

A stunning 90% of workers interviewed stated that they never wanted to return to the office full time. Given that the job market is currently talent-led thanks to the ongoing labour shortage, businesses will need to adapt to this desire if they want to offer competitive packages.



Anxieties Assuaged

The key concern suffered by management when considering all of their team working from home on a permanent basis is that of productivity. If they’re in their bedrooms, how can they work as effectively?

The truth is that productivity has not only not declined, it’s increased substantially. In fact, the lack of separation between work and home spaces has led many companies to have to combat burnout.


In Person… Overrated?

An understandable aversion to total remote working stems from the lack of human interaction it brings. It’s certainly not something to be ignored, but it by no means should be a dealbreaker.

Environmentally speaking, the lack of a commute for an entire workforce has a brilliant impact on the environment (not to mention the time and energy spent travelling to and from the office each day).

Businesses (including Key Focus) are beginning to repurpose in-person gatherings so that they are exclusively for important meetings and team-bonding activities.



There are, of course, quite a few benefits to working in the office: direct communication, more human contact, fewer distractions. However, this research has shown firstly that the benefits of remote working vastly outweigh those of in-office, and secondly that businesses are becoming increasingly aware of this fact.

We would be very surprised if, in five years, there were many businesses left who required their employees to work in the office full-time.

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