Frustrated with the lack of engagement your adverts are getting?

It's not just the time spent writing and posting the adverts, it's the fact candidates always seem to pick elsewhere.

Have you considered your Brand Power, EVP and Attraction abilities?

Talent Attraction

Other Talent Partners don't have your best interests at heart?

You are happy to engage with recruiters because you see their value, but they never seem to send you the right candidates.

Working with a company that values your business mission really makes a difference.

Talent Acquisition

Know you want to recruit but don't know where to start?

The Strategic Planning stage for every business is crucial, but how do you build recruitment strategy that offers sustainability?

We have decades of experience in sales performance management and it starts with the strategy.

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Want to recruit but feel it would be best to outsource?

Having an internal recruiter can solve all of your hiring issues. Outsourcing your internal recruiter means all of the excitement at a fraction of the cost.

Maybe it's time to get your own dedicated outsourced resource.


Discover our Growth Accelerator Programme

If you're looking to expand your sales team rapidly without cutting costly corners, this programme may be right for you.

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Want to know more about our work?

If you want to hear the facts and figures, and know exactly what we're capable of, keep reading.

Find out just what we can do.

Statement of Capability

Our Areas of Operation

Key Focus does business across the USA and Europe (including Ireland), as well as our home country of the UK.