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Inviting everyone in for an introductory interview and shaving a few off each round until the final shortlist has taken three or four days off work before receiving an offer (or a rejection) wastes not only your time, but that of your candidates. Not to mention that the only way to compare them is through memory and notes taken by different people – someone’s A+ could be another’s C-.

It’s time we modernised the process. Watch our demo to find out more!

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Using Odro’s technology, we can put together a Video Shortlist featuring one-way interviews with all your top candidates. Each one is asked an identical set of questions, allowing you to compare and contrast their responses easily and at lightning speed.

Each candidate comes with their video and a short description written by your recruiter. As you watch their interview, you can also browse through their CV as well as other attachments – most pertinently, their Psychometric Test and Sales Enablement Report.

Psychometric Testing from

With psychometric testing from Thrive, you’ll be able to find out more about your final-round candidates than you could from a few simple questions. Thrive will take a look at your role and tailor their assessment to ensure they’re examining the right traits and qualities. Your candidates’ responses to their questions will result in a report that outlines their total suitability for your role, consisting of their alignment with the tested atrributes.

Once you’ve chosen your new hire, we’ll provide them with a Sales Enablement Assessment from Extended DISC. The report from this will go more in depth into their communication, selling and decision-making styles as well as how best to motivate and manage them. This will help both you and your new hire get off to the best start possible.

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