96% of high performance salespeople are only looking passively and won't apply to adverts. How can you ensure you're hiring the best people?

Take a look at our 3-Step Stairway to Talent Acquisition Success

Step 1: Networking

Whilst we appreciate that the traditional methods of advertising and campaigning for talent are necessary, we don’t rely on only these methods of acquisition. It’s becoming ever important to identify unique applicants and this can only be done via headhunting and networking. We have over 18,000 sales professionals that we are networked with, and each month add 100s more. Today isn’t always the right time for your future employees, so we have built internal systems that help us to track their ideal move dates.

Step 2: Screening and Assessing

There are no specific degrees/qualifications in sales and most salespeople have different routes into the industry. There are, however, commonalities in salespeople and in their “Sales DNA”. We’ve partnered with psychometric testing businesses and world-leading sales trainer Sandler Training to fully explore and understand the Sales DNA, and this knowledge allows us to remove the superficial layers when screening candidates, focusing instead at their true ability. We use telescreening/video interviews/face-to-face screening and assessment days to make sure you get only the best in class.

Step 3: Facilitating

Coordination can be stressful, so we facilitate the process and our designated management consultants are strategically placed to ensure that the time to hire isn’t affected by long, arduous, tedious processes. We handle all client and candidate feedback and are training to ensure that the experience is seen as favourable.

Case Study: Sandler Training

Sandler Training has been helping salespeople take control of the sales process, helping leaders identify and remove blind spots and bottlenecks, and helping professionals around the world level up their career. They came to Key Focus Consulting disappointed that they didn’t have a sales recruiter internally and for their clients that had their best interests at heart. Among other things, we introduced our process of identifying the candidates who demonstrated the right ‘DNA’ to work with Sandler and their clients.