You want to hire them. But, do they want to work for you?

Our 5-Step Talent Attraction Process Puts You Back in the Driving Seat

Step 1: Research and Understanding

Acquiring the correct candidate means understanding who they are, their What’s in it for me?, their typical behaviours and what they see as desirable. We use state-of-the-art social tools to permeate a noisy employment landscape to find what makes the top talent tick.

Step 2: Careers Page and ATS

Building a headquarters to your talent strategy is the epicentre of a successful foundation. Your careers site should link with your applicant tracking system to ensure that you create efficient and effective workflows. Key Focus’ creative team and HR efficiency partners will design, build and manage this to allow for continued success.

Step 3: Digital Strategy Creation

Social Media has revolutionised the employment landscape and the interviewer/interviewee dynamic has significantly changed with this ‘open window’ into your business. How your future employees perceive you will be a significant step towards if they decide to interview with you/accept a job with you. Having the correct social strategy will allow you to see success.

Step 4: EVP Enhancement and Content Creation

Have you considered why your employees join and stay within your business? What is your Value Proposition to them? Most companies have a rich history and culture of employee appreciation, but do you highlight this? Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the training – it’s essential to grow awareness to whichever part of your talent retention strategy you believe is your strongest.

Step 5: Execution and Analytics

Key Focus’ dedicated management team will make sure all of your talent attraction pressures are lifted. We execute and manage your campaign so that you can focus on building your business and achieving your mission. It’s important to us that you can always see how to improve your talent attraction, so our analytics suite means that you are constantly able to tweak your offers.

Case Study: Slync

Slync is a social hiring tool designed specifically for the Digital Natives that make up Gen Z and younger Millennials. They were concerned that their reach alone would be unable to reach all of the newly graduated community who needed advice, help and guidance post-university. We stepped in, helping them to understand their target demographic and vice versa.