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Time is the most important commodity when it comes to accelerating a business’s growth. I always appreciated recruiters who could find me good sales people, but never felt fully in control of the process. Typically my time constraints overrode the desire to take back control. Key Focus Consulting changed this for me as they were always able to operate effectively whilst shortening the time to hire but also put me in the driving seat. We worked hard to create a scalable model that reduces the need for outsourcing, whilst always operating in a time effective manner.

Anneli Thomson

Managing Director - Sandler Training

What we Did:

  • Identified Sandler’s methodology and analysed all the key performers within the Sandler Network and what gave them the ‘Sandler DNA’
  • Installed recruitment strategy across clients of Sandler Training and internally with Sandler UK
  • Used our extensive network to promote the job opportunities Sandler Training were linked with
  • Psychometrically tested ideal candidates to offer a non-emotional view of competencies and behaviours of Sandler Training
  • Managed candidates through the process and facilitated all processes
  • Offered salary advice including commission structure creation/basic salary comparable with trends in the sales world.

Sandler Training has been helping salespeople take control of the sales process, helping leaders identify and remove blind spots and bottlenecks, and helping professionals around the world level up their career. They came to Key Focus Consulting disappointed that they didn’t have a sales recruiter internally and for their clients that had their best interests at heart.

Sandler Training

My two biggest concerns when hiring someone were finding quality candidates and whether he/she would fit into the team. What makes Key Focus so good? The screening process and transparent and consistent communication. Why should you consider working with Key Focus? The cost of making a bad hire is expensive. The Key Focus team will make sure any new hire will fit right into your current team.

Rían Lanigan

CO-FOUNDER - Don't Paint Seagulls

As a forward-thinking advertising and marketing boutique, Don't Paint Seagulls have accelerated their clients’ growth via industry-leading B2B marketing. They were frustrated with the amount of time they were spending identifying high performance graduates that would fit in to their ‘start up culture'.

Don't Paint Seagulls

What we did:

  • Created an early careers recruitment strategy
  • Looked at their ECVP and created content that was used to attract talent
  • Set up ideal interviewing practices using our video interviewing technology
  • Sourced and screened 300+ applicants
  • Added the suitable applicants to the video interview platform
  • Gave consultation in final interviews and employment offer advice

We partnered with Key Focus Consulting due to their unique combination of talent attraction strategy and their dedicated resource team. They understand our business as they are always on the other end of the phone with ideas/ suggestions and relevant questions that make their and our jobs easier. We have seen a huge increase in engagement due to Key Focus consulting and it’s only early days.

Faiza J

Owner - Slync

What we did:

  • Identified their target demographic and created ideal customers guidelines 
  • Targeted candidated using social media/online advertising
  • Created best practise workflow and scripts
  •  Called all ideal candidates to introduce them to Slync
  • Created a talent attraction marketing campaign
  • Offered after care and support for all involved

A social hiring tool designed specifically for the Digital Natives that make up Gen Z and younger Millennials. They were concerned that their reach alone would be unable to reach all of the newly graduated community who needed advice, help and guidance post-university.


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