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The Four P's of Key Focus Consulting


Ultimately our company is run by and for people. We want to ensure we maintain and communicate the humanity of our staff, and believe it’s one of our biggest strengths.


Here at Key Focus we’ve cultivated a culture of commitment to our work. We love what we do, and that’s what makes us so good at it.


Every day we see ourselves interacting with people ranging from recent graduates to Directors of global companies, so we make sure not to establish any sense of hierarchy.


It isn’t enough just to do our job and get it roughly right – we need to know that the solutions we offer go above and beyond in terms of accuracy and helpfulness.

What's in a Name?

The year is 2019. A meeting is being held to decide on a name for the new business. We’re looking for something that’s simple, but not generic. Something that identifies us, but isn’t just a list of surnames. Every team member comes in swinging with ideas but unfortunately, no one hits a home run.

Exasperated, we return to the drawing board, quite literally. A flipchart is produced, and spider diagrams scribbled onto it. We ask ourselves: What do we have in common? What is unique to us? What, put simply, are we?

In an effort to whittle down the goals and objectives of the business to their bare essentials, the question is asked, What’s our key focus? Discussing the answer to this question revealed that in essence, our Key Focus is to find that of other businesses, because a company can’t hope to recruit the right people if everyone isn’t on the same page about the identity and priorities of the business.

Well, what about Key Focus Consulting?

The more we talk about this name, the more we like it, and the more it seems to suit us.


You can’t open a locked door without a key (or a well-placed battering ram, but we’re not the brute force kind). A key is sleek, detailed, solid, reliable, uniquely moulded to its purpose. As an adjective, something that is key is something that’s vitally important, that cannot be forgotten or dismissed.

In the same way, we are that sleek, reliable instrument that is uniquely moulded to find those people that are indispensably crucial to your business. A business can’t succeed without the people that bring in the money, so you ought to make the effort to hire the best.


The concept of focus is central to our organisation. Get rid of the clutter, the peripheral, the superfluous, and get down to what’s essential. In order to succeed you need to be sharp, alert and unfazed by needless distractions.

We don’t concern ourselves with unnecessary pomp, pretence and hyperbole. With us, the waters are crystal clear, keeping us transparent and ready to cut straight to the point. We keep our eye on the ball, not on the prize.


We know that the sales industry has evolved, and salespeople with it. Much like them, we are strategy consultants, business consultants and sales consultants, as well as recruitment consultants. Along with the teams we help build, our most valuable asset is the information and advice we’ve gathered over our many years in the industry.

Like doctors or lawyers, what we provide is expert knowledge and guidance that you can continue to use well after the deal is made. We’re not just here to do it for you, we’re here to show you how it’s done.

Our Signature Red

So, why red?

When drafting ideas for our branding, we remembered reading that humans are evolutionarily hard-wired to notice red before any other colour. We thought about how this related to our attention to detail and our ability to hone in on what’s important. In addition to this, the cultural associations with red aligned with our identity.

Personality: On the DISC chart, red is reserved for those who are confident, assertive, action-oriented and determined. Fits us like a scarlet glove.

Passion: Red’s the colour of romance and rage, communicating our dedication to our work.

Partnership: Red crosses and rosy cheeks, the colour of health. Also, in some cultures, red represents wealth and good fortune.

Precision: Lasers, bullseyes and crosshairs? All red. This represents our commitment to accuracy.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Something that is set immovably at the foundation of Key Focus as we continue to grow is our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. It is our firm belief that every single business is best served by a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, and we make a point of communicating this to every business we work with.

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