What Professional Development Can You Expect in Recruitment?

Landing your first role in recruitment is an exciting prospect. However, before accepting any job, you should always consider the professional development you will receive and how it will help you in the future. 

What skills will recruiters learn? 

The most important thing you will learn as a recruiter are sales skills. These include: prospect building, negotiation, qualification questioning, active listening, communication and how to quickly build rapport. Nurturing these skills is important for hitting targets, earning commission and career progression, so it should come as no surprise that so many CEOs and business leaders will have developed these skills early in their careers.

Aside from sales skills, recruiters will also develop time and project management expertise. Skills like these, developed in a busy office, are indispensable for many career paths and should not be underestimated. 

What progression can new recruiters expect?

Unlike other sales-based roles, recruiters start to learn leadership skills from month 3. As you guide candidates through the application process and place them in roles you will naturally develop strong leadership skills. 

Recruiters can also quickly find themselves promoted to management positions, particularly in smaller companies where these promotions can occur in under 2 years. The extra responsibility will be accompanied by an increase in basic pay and extra bonuses based on the performance of the team. 

In addition to these skills new recruiters naturally develop over time, it is commonplace for agencies to offer training courses and mentorship programmes. Asking about professional development at your next interview is also a great way to show you take your career seriously and are willing to commit to the role.

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