What’s Next After Finishing Your Degree?


Before you decide on your next move you need to consider your goals, ambitions and your personality. What do you enjoy doing? What do your skills qualify you to do? Once you have thought about this you can decide on your next move. Below are the options most graduates go for.   

Get on a Graduate Scheme

A graduate scheme can teach you valuable skills and allow you to try various roles. However, they are also competitive to join, often slow to progress in terms of salary and don’t always guarantee a job at the end. 

Get a Job 
Starting a job is the perfect way to make good money straight away and get experience in a field you are interested in. We find bright, ambitious and personable people often thrive in recruitment roles which offer a good wage and level of responsibility for graduates. 

Go Travelling 

Still figuring things out? Taking a year out to go travelling is an exciting experience. We find employers won’t look poorly on graduates taking a year out to travel, so long as they can explain how they developed from the experience. Working in a shop for 6 months and then spending 3 months partying on a beach in Thailand won’t impress employers. However, backpacking across Asia will demonstrate your independence and adventurous personality which most would find impressive.   

Continue with Education

If you really enjoyed your studies and got good grades, then you can always continue studying and get an MA. At that point, you will be even more qualified for a related job, or you can potentially continue studying for your PhD.

Enhance your CV with Training or Volunteering

There are plenty of volunteer courses that will really add value to your CV and offer rewarding experiences for you personally. Volunteering overseas is a good option if you are keen to travel.  You can also take an online or face-to-face training course in a field in which you’re interested. This also demonstrates your interest and improves your chances of breaking into your career.

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